Derbyshire Dog Agility Club

Derbyshire Dog Agility Club (DDAC) are a Kennel Club registered Agility club founded in 1997.

The Pippa Memorial Trophy
 Team Steeplechase

The Pippa Memorial Trophy is our own fun competition for teams of four dogs and handlers, run as a relay over a simple steeplechase jumping course. It is held every year at our Summer Show.

All heights compete against each other for one set of awards over the same course at their own height. The steeplechase course consists solely of jumps (not including the spread or long jump) and pipe tunnels.

2019 (Judge - Jo Glynn)

1st - Active Paws

Catherine Rowlands - Rats My Perfect Valentine

Keely Foster - Ally's Magic Supersocks

Phil Lear - Super Max A Million

Lauren Berks - Springing Husky

2nd - Lurcher League Lunatics

Hilary Cross - Maidensworth Heart of Soul

Angela Owens - Mister Loganberry

Julie Threlfall - Shenanigans By Starlight

Georgia Hatton - Upsy Daisy Here We Go

3rd - Derbyshire Small

Graham Burgess - Pocket Mojo

Clarissa Brown - Miss Minnieture Mania

Sue Williams - Vardene Ruff 'n' Reddy

Elliot Wilkinson - Tirtys Green Leon At Pawstrading

2018 (Judge - Alex Bailey)

1st - Barkaway Dodgers

Ian Smith - Kilnhurst Cluedo Barkaway

Caroline Key - Joy In The Morning

Zoe Rose - Super Class Stanley

Lis Barter - Muppet Mania

2nd - Devongem Fox It Up

Joy Brough - Devongem Golden Ratio

Blyth Fox - Devongem Golden Moment

Debbie Tubbs - Devongem It's A Stick Up

Nicola Bradshaw - Mr Jay Tee


2017 (Judge - John Haynes)

1st - Woodmagic Madness

Penny Bantin - Definitely Maybe MAB

Ruth Tobin - Woodmagic Griffin

Melissa Stubbs - Woodmagic Jac 

Oliver Rigby - Hilbre Orange Pippin 

2nd - Nuneaton Smalls

Kerri Cartridge - Mr Ben Goes To Town

Tracey Marshall - Little Miss Bubble Is Trouble

Sarah Fall - Dentons Dream Sillohette

Stuart Marshall - Kenine Starlit Kisses

3rd - Freymor Dinky's

Louise Convey-McGovern - Jembellaya Bianco Gloria

Linda Westerby - Todd's Law

Emily Convey-McGovern - Settle On The Best

Anson Zheng - Toniks Berrie B Black

2016 (Judge - Carol Disley)

1st - Medium Amount Of Misfits
Jo Asher - Little Lightening Lyla
Janice Vann - Lord Charles To The Rescue
Alison Clarke - My Little Daisy Chain
Jason Rogers - Beauchien Le Petite Monstre
2nd - Derbyshire Mediums
Alyson Walker - Shanandi Wild Poppet
Becky Gibson - Bouncing Back Benji
Leanne Alder - Peace Ruler
Anne Holt - Maybe Moss
3rd - Go Go GSP'S    
Garry Bennett - Sharissy Moonrock Bramble
Karen Joyner - Minstrals Gallery
Karen Whitehouse - Kazanpaul Creme Brulee
Magda Ede - Keigame Stagestruck
The Pippa Memorial Trophy replaces the DEphoto Team Steeplechase which ran from 2013-2015.

2015 (Judge - Gladys Tombs)

1st - Moira's Team
Moira Bowden - Truly Blinkin' Scrumptious
Sally Walker - Little Minx Of Valgrays
Miranda Frankham - Lirren Talent Night
Alan Bray -  Sirensong Tantrums n Tiaras at Upanova

2nd - Krackers Halfpints
Oliver Rigby - Hilbre Orange Pippin
Melissa Stubbs - Woodmagic Jac
Ruth Tobin - Woodmagic Griffin
Sara Kirkwood - Zigazag Ha
3rd - Shrewsbury's Another Right Bun
Jo Edwards - Scampa Rascal
Jenny Goude - Barrackswood Bright Future
Andrew Stockton - Moonhaven Rumour Has It
Annette Stockton - True Blue's Amazing Destiny

2014 (Judge - Heidi Totesaut)

1st - Derbyshire Stir & Mix

Paul Law - Essylitt's Golden Cracker

Phyllis Archer - Yewdale Lucky Charm

Leanne Alder - Peace Ruler

Anne Holt- May Be Moss

2nd - Cherwell Chums
Alison Pearce - Flex Ability
Cheryl Tustain - Raeannes Valentine Playboy
Chris Stamp - Raeannes Take That
Lynda Stangle - Alwenil Skips Jet

3rd - Shrewsbury Mix Ups

Jenny Goude - Barrackswood Bright Future

Annette Stockton - True Blue Amazing Destiny

Jo Edwards - Scampa Rascal

Sarah Clarke - Miss Foxy Rascal

2013 (Judge - Deena Freeman)

1st - Little Mix

Moira Bowden  - Truly Blinkin Scrumpious

Miranda Frankham - Lirren Talent Night

Maddie Greening - Just Dizzi

Mandy Marks - Wicked on Ice

2nd - Smallsorts

Cheryl Tustain - Raeannes Valentine Playboy

Alison Pearce - Flex Ability

Lynda Stangle - Alwenil Skips Jet

Chris Stamp - Raeannes Take That

3rd - DDAC Smalls

Pim Jansson - Amy Snooze

Jean Shaw - Pelynka Snow Cloud

Clare Mewies - Hedgefield Blue Lady

Anne Holt - Possibly Pixie