Derbyshire Dog Agility Club

Derbyshire Dog Agility Club (DDAC) are a Kennel Club registered Agility club founded in 1997.

Agility Equipment

These are a maximum of 1.219m (4ft) in width and dogs must leap over them without knocking them over. The pole is easily displaced so that the dogs do not hurt themselves if they do knock it down.
Rising Spread Jump
This is two hurdles positioned closely together, with the first hurdle set lower than the second.
Long Jump
This is a series of low jumps set to a maximum length of 1.5m (4ft 11ins) that the dog must clear in one jump.
Exactly what you'd think, mostly solid but with easily displaceable bricks along the top. The dog must leap over them without knocking them off.
Pipe Tunnel
A 'hard' but flexible tunnel, a minimum of 609mm (2ft) wide and up to 3.048m (10ft) long, that the dog must pass through, usually from a specified end.
Collapsible Tunnel
This has a rigid round entrance with non-slip cloth forming the body of the tunnel. The dog must make his way through the tunnel. This piece of equipment has currently been withdrawn from use.
Weaving Poles
A series of between 5 and 12 poles that the dog has to weave in and out of, entering with the first pole on the dog's left.
A Frame                                                                           
An 'A' shaped ramp formed by two ramps with non-slip surfaces and/or anti-slip slats, that dogs must climb over. There are 'contact points' at the base of each ramp, coloured differently to the rest of the obstacle, that the dog's paws must come into contact with.
Dog Walk
A plank with firmly fixed ramps at either end which the dog must walk over, ensuring that paws touch 'contact points' at both ends.

A pivoted plank which the dog must negotiate. Again the dog must touch the coloured 'contact points' at both ends.

This table is a minimum of 941mm (3ft) square in size with a non-slip surface. The dog must lie down on the table for a time set by the judge. This is difficult to time, so is only usually seen in Crufts finals.
Simple. The dog must jump through the tyre.
Wishing Well
This hurdle has a roof to it and looks something like a wishing well or lych gate. The dog must go through the obstacle, below the roof but above a displaceable pole. This obstacle is not often used.