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Please note the following in order to make life at our training sessions fun and enjoyable for everyone (and their dogs!). Please try to leave all “baggage” at the door (i.e. bad day at work, row with the family, bad traffic on route and all the other frustrations of 21st century life). Chill and be ready to have fun with your dog and feel ready to learn! Remember this is fun and supposed to be how we relax and enjoy our time with our dogs.

1) Derbyshire Dog Agility Club expects all members to conduct themselves in a responsible manner and ensure that they respect other members. Children should be supervised by an adult. Be kind and courteous and only use positive feedback. Be welcoming to visitors or new members. Try to be considerate at all times. We would like to engender a safe and happy environment that people and dogs can enjoy.

2) All members are responsible for the safety of their dogs, themselves and other people. Ensure dogs are properly taken care of (remember cars may still get hot on summer evenings or your dog may need a jumper on winter evenings). Please ensure that they are not a nuisance to other dogs or members (or members of the public or horses that are on site). Not all dogs may be as willing to socialise as yours so please respect other dogs’ space. Please don’t get offended if someone moves their dog away if they need a quiet area. Please keep dogs on leads when not running.

3) Social media- Care should be taken not to state anything of detriment to the club or other people or their dogs. Members should be mindful of the privacy of other members and not post pictures or name individuals unless permission has been given to do so.

4) All members to comply with Kennel Club Code of Conduct when at shows

5) Trainers should not attempt to attract business unfairly that may to the detriment of DDAC.

Good Practice- these points will enable the smooth running of our training sessions and keep training times to the optimum.

1) Members should respect the training venue- dogs should be toileted before entering the arena and all dog waste should be taken off site for disposal. Care should be taken not to frighten or startle horses or members of the public that are also on site. The main gate at the entrance/exit should be closed at all times. Please drive slowly and carefully on site speed limit is 5mph ONLY.

2) All members should be prepared to help with setting up or tidying away equipment. Please do this as quietly as possible to avoid startling any horses that are working nearby in either the indoor or outdoor school areas. Anyone arriving before 8pm should NOT park near the horse arenas- please use the car park through the gate.

7:15pm session- please arrive before 7pm and be prepared to set up. On no account should the indoor riding lesson be disturbed.

8:15pm session-put away screens and any equipment that has been finished with.

9:15pm session-put away what is left and lock up. Please do not leave anyone alone at end of 9.15pm session, at least 2 people leave and lock gate together.

3) When 2 sessions are running please try not to interrupt the running of either class (although we know the dogs would like to share both sides and don’t appreciate there are 2 different classes!).

4) Only run your dog if it is fit and healthy. Please do not bring your dog if you know it has been in contact with another dog with a contagious disease. Please do not bring bitches if in season. Only bring yourself if you are also fit and well- nobody else wants to share your flu or tummy upset!

5) Smoking is not permitted at training venues

6) Remember this is also a learning environment so pay attention to the trainer (keep mobile phones on silent) and try to keep your dog’s barking to a minimum so other people can hear what is being taught. Please be ready to pole pick or change jump heights to ensure smooth running of the sessions.

Hopefully there will be no complaints but should there be, please contact a member of the committee so appropriate action can be taken in the shortest time possible.