Derbyshire Dog Agility Club

Derbyshire Dog Agility Club (DDAC) are a Kennel Club registered Agility club founded in 1997.

Agility Club League Tables

Anybody who receives the Agility Voice magazine and are therefore Agility Club members, can claim points towards the Agility Club's Annual Awards by logging their results on the Agility Club's website.

There is also a ‘League Table’ for clubs and when you register your dog for any of their annual award categories you will be asked to specify which club you would like your points to go to. Members can therefore allocate their points to Derbyshire. Please use this exact spelling and do not use any abbreviation.

There are five divisions in the League:- Premier League, then Divisions 1, 2, 3 and 4. Derbyshire are currently in Division 1.

At the end of each year (which finishes on September 30th) three clubs are relegated from the bottom of their Division to the one below, and the same number promoted from the top of the lower Division to take their places.

The league is a great way to get recognition for the club and our trainers, and the winners of each division get their name added to a shield which is presented each November.

Points are allocated for 1st to 10th place in a standard class at a KC licensed show and also for a unplaced clear round within the course time.


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There are some classes you can’t claim for: ABC (Anything But Collie), BC/WS (Border Collie/Working Sheepdog), Veteran, Allsorts / Any Size, Pay on the Day, Pairs, Team, Trio and, in Championship, the Jumping and Agility qualifying rounds may be claimed for but not the Final.